It’s finally here, the summer that we both hate and love.

For, while the temperature is soaring and the hot winds are blowing, delicious mangoes and melons entice as much as the swimming pool.

Staying hydrated is essential so drink lots of lemonade and ensure you carry a bottle of water around with you whenever you are out.

And do wear a hat or use an umbrella to keep the sun’s rays off your head.

Schedule your training early in the morning or in the evening

When it’s really hot outside, change the time you go running so you are not subjected to the heat too often. Choose shaded paths and don’t run on the asphalt, since it absorbs a lot of heat.


Slow down

Prolonged exercise raises your body temperature and causes you to get tired quickly. The best training sessions are the ones you can easily recover from. If you’re completely exhausted after a run, you need to reduce your pace and decrease the length of your run.

Drink enough to avoid dehydration

No matter what the temperature is, it is important to drink regularly and never wait until you are thirsty to hydrate. Don’t wait until you feel thirsty, since a feeling of thirst indicates the beginning of dehydration. However, in hot weather, runners must pay particular attention to anticipate these hydration requirements well in advance. Drinking enough liquids before your run will help you avoid a variety of unpleasant physical sensations like cramps, sprains and pulled muscles.